About Us

TechTalk Communications serves to provide organizations with a cost-effective alternative or complement to your existing communications with employees, clients, or business prospects.

We do this by re-purposing your message, be it a periodic newsletter, regular mailings, sales flyers, fax broadcasts or in-house e-mail blasts.

Often times, organizations spend thousands of dollars on their corporate website only to find very low activity or click through rates. Relying on a website to get your message across limits its exposure to only those who visit it.

Still other companies choose the do-it-yourself route, only to find keeping up with consistent, timely and content-rich communications may only leave staff members and server systems stressed and over-burdened.

By utilizing TechTalk Communications, you now employ the technology to “push” readers to your website when certain articles, ads or promotions pique their interest. Our technology offers the capability to track who is reading the e-mail, what they are reading and where they click to learn more about the particular subject in question. Moreover, for significantly less than pennies per e-mail, TechTalk can handle many of these tasks for you.

Here are just some of the ways in which an E-Mail Marketing Campaign Account would benefit and exceed your company's specific communication goals and objectives:

The entire process is designed to be paperless and can be distributed to a global audience.

E-Mail campaigns can run concurrently and can be ongoing, preferably on set scheduled intervals.

Cost Efficient
Through online campaigns we can simultaneously demonstrate a reduction or elimination of:
- Labor Costs
- Postage costs
- Hard copy mailers, newsletters or other such correspondence

Each client account is met with the signing of an E-Mail confidentiality agreement that ensures all information will not be shared, sold or otherwise provided to anyone without the expressed written consent of the client account representative.

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